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Art of Pash

NAME: Pash Galbavy

AGE: 55

STATS: 5’9”, blonde hair, blue eyes, dress 5/6, shoe 10

BODY: Athletic, medium build, no surgical alterations or tattoos

EDUCATION: MA Communication Studies

OCCUPATION: Performance artist & artists' model

HOBBIES: Hiking, contact improvisational dance, writing, photography



               Figure Photography    

               Character Photographs

               Life Drawing

               Mixed Media



Pash's mask & expressive arts work


Alba Elena & Pash's book of artistic

nudes in the Sedona landscape

I am a passionate expressive and performance artist, contact improvisational dancer, and mask maker. I have also been involved with several improvisational theater troupes. It is my pleasure to incorporate masks and also to bring elements of emotion, movement, dance and theater into my modeling work.

I started modeling in my late thirties because I had  inadequacy issues with my body. Like many women, much as I tried, I never felt that I satisfactorily fit into our socialized, media-image myth of “beauty.” I confronted this head-on by figure modeling for artists who could capture an essence that was beyond surface externals. 

These days, I don’t fit into social, physical, so-called “norms” of either beauty or of youth. I model to demonstrate that the natural inner beauty and radiance that shines from within, is not only good enough, but it can be a great inspiration too. Plus, I love the work!

photo: Susie Lang

photo: Zoe Wildman