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Art of Pash



Online Life Drawing Groups

DATES  -  Monday  Short Poses, 10AM - 1PM MST

              -  Thursday Long Pose,  10AM - 1PM MST


COST -  *$20

DESCRIPTION - Pash hosts and models for these online, open studio, short and long pose session groups. Artists assemble their own mediums and tools. Mondays, the  group starts with 30-second to 5 minute quick gestures then moves on to 20-minute poses.  Fridays long pose session often starts with a few gestures followed by one pose, with breaks. Before COVID-19, these groups met weekly at Sedona Arts Center since 2012.  Please inquire to RSVP for links to attend and/or get on the weekly Art of Pash eblast

*If there are only  4 attendees, then cost is $25


Online, 3-Day Abstract/Figurative Workshops w/ Robert Burridge at SAC

DATES - April 28-30,  Sept 29-Oct, 2023

LOCATION - Online, Sedona Arts Center

COST -  $450

DESCRIPTION - These online workshop push you out of your safe zone and into a new, looser, abstract direction drawing, painting and collaging the nude. You will learn expressive painting techniques for the modern painter. If you ever wanted to learn how to paint the freestyle abstract figure, this workshop is for you. Color is explained and explored. You will learn the 12 Design Compositions for a successful painting. Your “drawing the nude” skills are not a prerequisite. For the 9th year, Pash will model for this figurative painter’s retreat with Robert Burridge.  See Burridge's website or Sedona Arts Center for more information.

Online, Zoomin' w/ Bob Burridge                    "Drawing & Painting the Figure w/ Motion & Emotion"

DATES - July 23-25, 2023


COST -  $400

DESCRIPTION - This 3-day workshop is designed by Bob Burridge and Pash to challenge you not to paint what you see--instead to paint what you percieve and feel. Day 1 will explore undreaped and costumed poses. Day 2 is all about painting the figure in (still) motion and with emotion. Day 3 the focus is on dance drawing and painting, i.e., painting the figure while it is in actual (very slow) motion. See Burridge's website to sign up and for more information.

Painting the Majestic Inner Light of Sedona w/ Laurie Klein & Larry Lindahl


LOCATION - Sky Ranch Lodge, Sedona, AZ

COST -  $2650

DESCRIPTION - Imagine being in a Fine Art workshop with figure models on the sacred lands of Sedona! The models will interact with the landscape as you are guided to reach deeply into personal visual expressions. Black and white photographer Laurie Klein and color photographer Larry Lindahl each approach their craft in uniquely personal ways. They will have you composing stunning images with several incredible figure models, including dancers Pash, and Mark Stevens. You with your camera in the light and landsacpe of Sedona will photograph the other-worldly vistas in nature, usually with models clothed or nude, to work with. More info here. THIS WORKSHOP IS SOLD OUT!

photo: Larry Lindahl

photo: Larry Lindahl

photo:PM Bookgarden

painting: Bob Burridge

painting: Bob Burridge