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Art of Pash


sculpture: David Carroll

"Pash makes me want to be a better painter-Bob Burridge -, painter and painting instructor

“Discovering Pash’s Monday drawing session at the Sedona Arts Center was a most pleasant surprise! The quality of the artists's work and Pash's modeling talent is something I did not think existed outside of a large metropolitan area. It’s a great place to get inspired and hone your drawing skills. Finding this group of extremely talented, dedicated and friendly artists makes my Sedona experience complete!"

- Ellen Taylor, President Emeritus, Art Students League of New York

”Pash is an inspiring model. Very professional with great stamina for holding lovely poses. Some less experienced models need lots of direction, but Pash just knows what to do.” - David Shevlino, painting instructor and artist

“Pash is dynamic and really knows poses.” - Gretchen Lopez, painting instructor and artist

"Pash is an inspiration. Truly professional in her modeling, she takes on a pose with complete stillness and strength." - Kate Starling, painting instructor and artist

Working with Pash is a treat. She enters into a pose with ease and holds as long as necessary before sliding into the next position. Once in a pose, she conveys an amazing amount of emotion. She is a true artist of still movement . . .  I also love working with her because she is so at one with nature.” - Bob Coates, photographer

Pash embodies the very essence of muse. Her graceful movement, imagination and creative spirit bring out the best in all who collaborate with her. I also appreciate her professional approach to the practical issues involved with scheduling and communication. Should you find yourself in need of a performance artist, dancer, figure model or perhaps all of the above at the same time, you must contact Pash.” - Eric Hodgins, fine print artist

“Pash brings herself fully into her craft. She can take any direction and further it to bring a unique classical art sensibility to the work. She has a deep connection to nature that comes through and brings a special quality of connectedness to landscape images. I love working with Pash and recommend her wholeheartedly as a model and muse." - Alba Elena, photographer

Pash has an imaginative approach to modeling and is a true professional of her craft. It's been a pleasure working with her over the last few years. I have many fabulous paintings and drawings because of her hard work.” Greg Evans, artist

Pash is very present in her modeling and makes “seeing” much more accessible. I recommend her as an artist’s model with the highest regard.” - David Carroll,sculptor

“Working with Pash is a pleasure. . . . She's reliable and consistent and good at holding perfectly still without looking like there's effort involved. . . . . (She) is inventive about her poses, and always puts extra care into finding just the right expressive pose to please the people she's working with. She is a person of high standards who gives more than is required.” - Grace Garneau, artist

“Pash is a fantastic model. She takes care of her body and it shows not only in her beautiful figure but in her fortitude to maintain natural poses for extended periods of time. . . . The props she brings accentuate her poses as well.” - Tracy Wall, artist

“I am blessed to work with Pash as a live model. She has transformed my drawing and painting. She is such a gift!” - Sheron Foster

“Pash is a terrific person and model.” - Larry Gerber, drawing instructor and artist